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If you are looking to download FMWhatsapp’s latest (updated) version v9.97 APK for android and iOS devices then you landed at the right article. FMWA APK new version is free of cost and you can easily download it to your device. Get the FMWA download link from the button below to easily access the new functionalities of FM Whatsapp.

Get FM WA APK official website file and install it on your device. FMWhatsapp is different from TMWhatsapp, YOWhatsapp in terms of features, themes, and functionalities. In this article, we explore all the premium features of FM Whatsapp with updated, installation processes, old versions, and queries. Get new and old versions (9.63, 9.71, 9.72, 9.65, 9.64, 9.73, 9.74, 9.80, 9.82 and 9.83) of fm Whatsapp from here.

Download FMWhatsapp Latest Version APK

Size77 MB
RequiresAndroid 5.0+
SpecialtyUpdated (Official)
Get it onPlay Store
Last Updated20 April, 2024


FMWA app is one of the modified Whatsapp that provides super functions to its users in terms of privacy and customization. As the technology is advancing in terms of Ai revolution companies like Whatsapp and Facebook also added some new features to their apps. But original Whatsapp cannot provide all the pro features that FMWA pocess.

FM Whatsapp 2024 is the complete solution for those people who want to customize their chats, statuses, stories, theme and gallery. In this article we have explained all the additional and updated features of the FM Whatsapp.

FM Whatsapp APK v10.06 2024

FMWhatsApp APK is the downloadable file of the FMWhatsApp app just like Fouad Whatsapp APK. Modified WhatsApps are not available on the Play Store and App Store due to some reasons, so you have to download the modified app from any trusted third-party site. Just download the FM WhatsApp APK file directly from the download link given in the button, and install it on your device.

Another benefit of using the APK file of FMWhatsApp is that you can share it with your friends and family if they do not have internet or Wi-Fi due to some reasons.

Suppose your friend or family member wants to update FMWhatsApp on their mobile and they do not have the internet at that time. Then you can send them the FM WhatsApp APK 2024 latest file via Bluetooth or Zapya. Besides these, there are some more benefits of FM WhatsApp APK files.

  • You get the FM WhatsApp app on your device safely.
  • You can save the FM Whatsapp Download Link of the APK file to share it with others.
  • You will be able to Download FM WA APK safely on your device.

FM Whatsapp Update v10.06

  • In FM Whatsapp 10.02 version, Expiry date to update your fm wa is extended.
  • APK file is now compressed to 70 MB.
  • Minor issues of version 10.03 are fixed.
  • FMWA 9.85 (old version) bugs are improved.
  • New update has improved interface.
  • The new FMWhatsapp version has improved Anti Ban Feature.
  • FMWhatsapp release updates after some interval of time.
  • These updates add new features and functionalities to the app like more privacy and customization.
  • The updated version of the FMWhatsapp also fixes some bugs in the app.
  • The updated version of FM WA also provides a better user experience to the users.
  • You can easily download the FM Whatsapp update from the above download button.
  • The previous version of fm were 9.54, 9.60 and 9.63.

Old version of fmwhatsapp was 9.80. FM Whatsapp v9.99 Coming soon.

Privacy Features of FMWhatsapp APK

fmwhatsapp features

Anti-View Once: This feature allows you to view messages unlimited times. This Anti View feature of FM WA Latest APK version is a great option for privacy, just like the anti-freeze option that freeze the online time.

Disable Forwarded: This feature allows FMWhatsapp customers to disable the forwarding sign on messages. You can send messages repeatedly without the forwarded sign being visible.

Who Can Call Me: By clicking on the “Who Can Call Me” option, you can select the contacts who can call you randomly. This is a great feature for those who want to avoid certain people calling them.

Hide View Status: By using this FMWA option, you can see the status of people without them knowing. This is a great trick if you don’t want to get notified to other people when you view their status.

Advanced Features of FMWhatsapp

Aeroplane Mode: If you turn on Aeroplane Mode in FMWhatsApp, you will not receive any calls or messages from other people. However, you can still carry out other tasks by turning on the internet or Wi-Fi connections. This feature is useful if you don’t want to receive messages on FMWhatsApp for a certain period of time.

FM Whatsapp aero plane mode

Moon Option: By clicking on the Moon Option, you will be able to see the dark and light modes. You can select whichever mode you feel most comfortable with when viewing it. You can use the dark mode of FMWhatsApp at night and the day mode in the daytime.

It’s up to you when you want to use the FMWhatsApp night and dark modes.

Hide Chats: You can hide your chats in FMWhatsApp. Just long-press on any chat and click on the three dots in the top right corner. Now select the hide chat option. You can see the hidden contacts by clicking the FMWhatsApp option. You can also reverse the chats back.

FM Whatsapp hide chats
FM Whatsapp Hide Chats

Apply Patterns: In FMWhatsApp, you can apply different types of patterns, such as locks, designs, or any other pattern. It will help to protect your chats and privacy from others. Just click on the FMWhatsApp on the left-hand side and a pattern will appear. You will be able to easily set the pattern or PIN on the FMWhatsApp app.

See Contacts Online History: With the help of FMWhatsApp, you can see when any person came online. This feature of the FMWA app allows you to track the online records of any family member, friend, or employee. After turning on the online option, you will be able to see the time at which all contacts came online.

Check DP Change History: You can now check which person recently changed their DP on WhatsApp. Just click on the third option from the bottom right corner (as shown in the picture) and see the DP change history.

fmwhatsapp dp change history

Freeze Last Seen: There is an option to freeze your last seen in FMWhatsApp. Just go to the settings and click on FMWA mods. Now click on freeze last seen. It will enable you to freeze your online time at the time you turn on the option.

Customize look: By changing the settings in the FMWhatsapp you can customize the whole user experience of the app. You just need to apply some useful tricks and tricks just like whatsapp tricks.

Send Messages to more than 500 People: By using the FMWAhatsapp you can send messages to large number of contacts. You can send messages to 500 people instead of 250 (limit of original Whatsapp).

See Deleted status: Seeing the deleted messages is the common feature of the modified apps. In the similar way FMWA provides this super option.

Large Files Send: Just like sending 500+ pictures, you can send a large number of files to any contacts on the FM Whatsapp. This feature will save you time.

How to Download and Install FMWhatsapp?

Download FM Whatsapp apk
  • First of all click on the download button link of FM Whatsapp v9.62 latest apk official.
  • FM WhatsApp will begin to download.
  • Once the download is finished now click on the install option.
  • Before installing fm whatsapp make sure you enable the installation of the apps from unknown publishers from settings.
  • Now install and enjoy the latest updated FM Whatsapp free of cost on your android or iOS device.

Why people use FM Whatsapp?

Many people want to customize their chats, privacy, and many other things that cannot be possible in Orignal Whatsapp. Another reason is that many people want to keep things private like chats, status, and contact names, which are possible in FM Whatsapp APK. Let’s explore the FMWhatsapp pros and cons.

FM WA Advantages

  • Hide Chat Options
  • FM Whatsapp is a pro app that gives Moon Features.
  • More Privacy settings than other Whatsapp mods.
  • Send a bulk amount of files to your friends and family.

Disadvantages of FM WA

  • Can be banned in some areas of the world.
  • Can be risky if you download FM WA apk file from unsafe sites.

Make sure to download FMWhatsapp latest APK file from trusted sites like whatsmb. Do download from any non trusted sites because it may harm your device with malwares.

FM Whatsapp vs Whatsapp

Hide View StatusNo such option ✘
Different theme optionsNot many theme options ✘
Bulk images, files videos send
FM Whatsapp works like a pro.Not a pro
You can see online historyYou cannot see online history ✘
Updated frequentlyIt also updates frequently ✓

FAQS Related to FMWhatsapp

What is FM Gb Whatsapp?

FM whatsapp is like GB Whatsapp. It gives many features like GBWhatsapp. It’s up to you which whatsapp od you should use. You can try both of them.

What is FM Whatsapp mod apk?

MOD file of the FM Whatsapp is called FM Whatsapp MOD APK.

What is the FM WhatsApp official website?

The official site of FM WA is the foud mods. However you can download the official version from our site.

FM WA Latest Version name?

Latest version of FM WhatsApp is 9.82

Is FM Whatsapp available for iphone (iOS)?

Yes you can download fmwhatsapp for ios. You can use the same APK file for iOS device.

How to use FM whatsapp for pc?

You can use FMWhatsapp on PC by using any good emulator like NOXplayer to use the FM whatsapp for PC.

What are FM WA Other old versions?

The old versions fm fm wa are the old apps of the fm whatsapp. If your phone do not support the latest version than you can use the older versions of fm wa.

What are apps like FM Whatsapp?

Whatsapp Omar and Gold Whatsapp are little bit similar to fmwhatsapp, however these are not same.

Final Remarks

I hope you will enjoy the updated functions of the FM Whatsapp APK 2024. If you need old versions tell us in comment section. If you face any problem related to the FM WA APK you can comment below. We have explained all the features, pros and cons of the FMWhatsapp app.

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