Download Whatsapp Gold APK v35.00 Latest Version (Updated) 2024

Whatsapp Gold

WhatsApp Gold APK’s latest version has received a new update for Android, which provides users with improved and enhanced functionalities of this modified WhatsApp app. You can use this variant of WhatsApp to send and receive calls and messages, and you will enjoy the gold WhatsApp privacy tools when using it.

To update your WhatsApp Gold to the latest version, simply download the APK file from the download button link and explore all the latest and improved features. In this article, you will be able to update and download WhatsApp Gold. We have also explained the pros and cons of WhatsApp Gold which are almost same as MB Whatsapp ios, along with guides for the installation process and the new and improved premium features of the app.

Also, obtain the Gold WhatsApp version 11.10, 11.20 and 10.90 from the button above, with the latest current version.

Download Whatsapp Gold Latest Version APK

App NameWhatsapp Gold / Abu Arab
SpecialtyFully Customizable, Anti Delete Tool
Android requires5.0+
Last updated01 Jan, 2024
Size74 MB

Whatsapp Gold

Whatsapp Gold APK Latest version

WhatsApp Gold is actually a modified form of the official WhatsApp that is most popular in Arabic countries and the Middle East due to its enhanced features. It differs from the original WhatsApp messenger in terms of many features, such as themes, status characters, media sharing, anti-freeze mode, and the ability to disable forward tags, among other functionalities. It was developed by Abu Alarab.

Whatsapp Gold 2024 is a complete alternative of the original Whatsapp in terms of functionalities and features. It not only replace the official Whatsapp but it provides extra privacy tools in it with advanced customization options.

Whatsapp Golden APK 2024

Whatsapp gold apk update screenshot

Whatsapp gold APK is the downloadable file of the gold Whatsapp. As you know APK files and modified Whatsapp like Fouad Whatsapp is not available on the google play store and app store. That’s why you have to Download Whatsapp Gold APK file for the installation.

You can share the latest (updated) Whatsapp gold APK file to your friends and family if they want to update their gold WA.

Beside this there are many other advantages of getting the APK file of Whatsapp gold.

  • You will be able to download the Whatsapp gold latest file safely.
  • You can also save the WA Gold APK file link to share with others.
  • In the end you can download and install WA Gold safely on your smartphone.

Whatsapp Gold Update v35 (Latest Version)

Whatsapp gold update
  • New update of Whatsapp Gold provides improved features.
  • Version 35 has improved features and better anti Ban properties.
  • User experience is now improved in the golden Whatsapp update.
  • Now you can translate Arabic and all other languages to other languages by using the gold wa app.
  • Anti-delete, DND option, themes, and privacy settings are also improved in the new update.
  • Many bugs of WhatsApp gold 34.00 are now improved,

How to Update Whatsapp Gold?

  • Before updating WhatsApp gold go to your Whatsapp setting, now go to chats and select the backup icon.
  • Now select your account and connect it with Google drive.
  • Make sure to complete the backup of your Whatsapp data.
  • Now install the Whatsapp gold latest version.
  • Make sure to download and install the latest version of the whatsapp gold APK file.
  • In this way your Whats Gold will be updated. You can also check FMWhatsapp, JTWhatsapp, and GBWhatsapp as an alternative to Gold WA.

Second Method

  • Delete the old version of gold Whatsapp.
  • Make a backup of your data.
  • Now install the latest version.
  • In this way you can simply update your WA Gold.

Third Method

  • After expiry period of the whatsapp gold just install the latest version.
  • Do not download red or blue whatsapp version.
  • You may lost your data if you install wrong whatsapp.

How to Download Whatsapp Gold Latest Version?

Whatsapp gold apk latest version download
  • Click on the download button given in the article for gold Whatsapp APK.
  • Now open it and install the golden Whatsapp.
  • Make sure you allow the settings of the unknown resources.
  • Now install the app. After installation enjoy the app and enter all your information in the gold Whatsapp. You can also check TMWhatsapp APK latest version.

System Requirements

RequiresAndroid 5.0 or above
Device TypeRooted and Non Rooted
SettingsAllow “Unknown devices”

Advanced Features of the Gold Whatsapp

Anti-Delete Status

Like whatsapp omar The anti-delete status function of WhatsApp Gold is very cool. If your contacts delete their status before 24 hours, you can still see their status. This function allows you to see which status your contacts are deleting.

Anti-Delete Messages

Same as the status, WhatsApp Gold allows you to see all the deleted messages in chats, groups, and communities. In this way, you can see all the deleted messages in chats without notifying your contacts.

More Customization

Whatsapp gold download apk theme

WhatsApp Gold offers more customization options in terms of both privacy and features. You can change the themes just like in YOWhatsapp APK, emojis, colors, and text styles. You can also add different pin locks and patterns in the app.

Privacy Options

The main reason people use modified WhatsApps like WhatsApp Gold and GBWhatsApp is for the privacy features not available in the official app.

Whatsapp gold apk download latest version ios themes

Better User Interface

As new updates of WhatsApp Gold APK’s latest version are released, developers are more focused on the user experience of the app. It allows users great comfort when using the Gold WhatsApp.

Whatsapp gold save view once

Proxy Breaking Ability

The latest version of WhatsApp Gold has the ability to break the proxy. If WhatsApp bans your WhatsApp, it can unban your WhatsApp because of its proxy-breaking abilities.

Send Large Files

You can send large files using WhatsApp Gold. This feature is not available in the official WhatsApp because it allows only a fixed range of files to send to contacts. You can also share large game files of getting over it apk through it.

Send Bulk Images

Now you can send bulk images using WhatsApp Gold. This feature is good for those who want to share large image files with their friends and family.

Send Bulk Media

Just like bulk image sharing, WhatsApp Gold allows you to share media files like documents, images, gifts, and videos in bulk form.

Blue Tick Feature

You can also hide your blue tick using WhatsApp Gold. It allows you to make your privacy more manageable. The other person will not see the blue tick after you read any message.

Voice Message on WhatsApp Dhahabi

You can send voice messages on Gold WhatsApp. It allows you to send large MP3 files and voice messages. You can also change the voice speed and other options available in the settings.

Whatsapp gold voice and  emoji

Two-Digit Operation

You can use two accounts by using WhatsApp Gold. Two-digit verification allows you to use two accounts at the same time. You can enjoy both WhatsApp features at the same time.

Anti-Ban whatsgold

WhatsApp Gold is anti-ban. Your WhatsApp will be safe and will not be banned.

High-Resolution Image Send

Yes, with the use of WhatsApp Gold, you can send high-resolution images. This is a great tool for photography lovers.

Automatic Backup

The automatic backup option is a life-changer in WhatsApp Gold. You can enable the automatic backup option in the settings.

Change Caller Colors

You can change colors in WhatsApp Gold, like changing the icons, contacts’ colors, theme colors, and many other things.

Differences between Whatsapp Dahabi and Whatsapp

Hide Pricacy
Hide StatusYes
Anti Delete optionsNot Available ✘
Airplane mode
Change icons and colorsLess options ✘
More themes✘ Only dark and white
Status Download
Large media sharecannot share in bulk form
Forward tag disable
Auto ReplyYes available
Security Locks
Image Share limit 250 plus100 image limit.

Why People use Whatsapp Gold (واتساب الذهبي)

Due to limited functionalities and customizing options in the official Whatsapp people prefer to use the modified types of Whatsapp like Omar Whatsapp, Fouad Whatsapp and Whatsapp gold due to all the advanced features that have explained in this article. Lets explore some pros and cons of the Whatsapp gold.


  • More options to customize chats and privacy.
  • More tools than official whatsapp.
  • Can send large files.
  • You can set different themes, icons, chat hide settings.


  • Can be risky if you download the wrong file from non trusted resources.
  • Whatsapp can ban you at any time.


What is Whatsapp Gold (Dahabi)?

Whatsapp gold is a modified version of the WhatsApp with additional colors, fonts, themes, DND mode and many other customizable privacy options. It is not available on the google play store and app store due to some restriction, however you can get this from trusted sites like whatsmb.

Is Whatsapp Gold APK file Safe?

Whatsapp gold will not harm your device if you download it from the safe resource. However it an harm your computer if you download whatsgold from untrusted sources.

How to Use WhatsApp Gold on Non-Rooted devices?

It is very simple to use whatsgold on non rooted device. Just install the latest version and it will work on your device.

Is whatsapp gold work on rooted devices?

Yes, it works fine on rooted devices.

Is whatsapp gold available available for iOS?

Whatsapp gold is only available for android. It is not available for iOS devices.

Can I use Whatsapp Gold on PC?

Yes you can use any whatsapp on PC by using the good emulator like LDPlayer.

Final Words

After reading this article you will be able to download Whatsapp gold APK latest version (update). All the concepts related to gold Whatsapp are cleared in this article. If you have any question related to Whatsapp gold version you can comment below.

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