MBWhatsApp 1.1 iOS

If you want to get the iOS look on your Android device, then download the latest version of MBWhatsApp (like Fouad Messenger) APK. MB WhatsApp gives you customizable options such as message scheduling, theme changing, iPhone look, different fonts, multiple device usage, hiding media, blue tick, and double ticks.

MB Whatsapp
Version1.1 | Size: 78 MB

iPhone look on your android device

App NameMB Whatsapp
Size78 MB
FeaturesIOS Style on Android
Last Updated12 May, 2024
Read InPortuguese, Spanish, Arabic

What is MB Whatsapp APK?

Get the iOS WA interface on your Android device by installing MBWhatsApp, also known as MB iOS. The MBWhatsApp APK is a downloadable file that you can use to install the app on your Android device with different themes options. This APK file is not available on the Google Play Store or the App Store because it is a modified (MOD) version of WhatsApp with extra features. Let’s explain all the features of MB iOS WA. Like jt Whatsapp this version is not available on web.

The latest version of this app is MB WhatsApp 1.1 (Update). Download the latest version of the APK file for android directly from the link and customize your chats without uninstalling the original WhatsApp (use two accounts on the same device).

mb whatsapp ios
  • New update came up with better features.
  • View Edited Messages.
  • Disable Stories
  • Hide Media from Gallery.
  • iOS 15.5 Emojis and Bold text added.
  • Many bugs in MB WA previous version are fixed.
  • Enjoy the iOS like Whatsapp on your android.
  • Now you can block Screenshots.
  • Change Languages in Chats.
  • Text to speech option and customizable calls.

Know About MB Whatsapp IOS

MB WhatsApp has the same features as Fouad WA, which means that when updates come to iOS WhatsApp, the developer also adds them to iPhone MB app. New updates are released weekly. The developers also add new features with each update. Here are the top features of the MBWhatsapp. It also allow you to hide and unhide chats in whatsapp.

MBWhatsapp IOS

The original WhatsApp Messenger was launched in February 2009 by former Yahoo employees, Brian Acton and Jan Koum. Since Android users cannot install iOS WhatsApp on their devices, Stefano Developers launched MB WhatsApp iOS for users who want to have the iPhone WhatsApp Messenger look on their Android phones. Please note that this is not an official version of WhatsApp.

MBWhatsapp Features


MB WhatsApp provides its users with an interface similar to that of an iPhone or iOS. Many people cannot afford an iPhone due to financial issues and they wish to have a theme of WhatsApp similar to iOS. That is why mb mods developers created this modified WhatsApp. Users, after installing MB iOS, can enjoy the themes of iPhone on their device.

Top Privacy

Original WhatsApp provides users with limited options in terms of privacy. You cannot hide your name, single tick, or double tick on regular WhatsApp. MB WhatsApp gives its users additional privacy options, such as name hiding, single/double tick hiding, seeing messages on notifications, and many other privacy features like reading messages on notifications.

Different Tabs

Some people want to use different tabs for individual and group chats. Regular WhatsApp does not provide this option. MB WhatsApp gives its users the option to use separate tabs for group messages and individual messages, which improves the user experience. Different tabs make it easy for users to manage different tasks smoothly on the same device.

Emojis and Stickers

You can use more emojis in MB WhatsApp. Many people want to show their expressions in the form of stickers, but it is frustrating that most of the emojis are not available in normal WhatsApp. This amazing feature of extra stickers and emojis allows you to share your feelings in the form of stickers.

Copy Status

You cannot copy and download WhatsApp status from the original WhatsApp. Many people want to download the statuses for several reasons, that’s why MB WhatsApp APK 2024 comes up with the status copy and download option. This feature allows you to save your favorite statuses in your gallery.

Schedule Messages

If someone wants to schedule messages, it can be irritating if they use normal WhatsApp. Because it does not allow scheduling messages. With MB Messenger, you can schedule your messages. This feature is amazing for those who want to schedule their work or different office tasks.

Image Sharing

You cannot share unlimited images after using regular WhatsApp. MB WhatsApp iOS gives you the option to share as many images as you can. This reduces the time spent sharing photos again and again and reselecting photos. Many people find it irritating to send bulk photos separately because it is boring to find photos again and again from the gallery. That is why sending and sharing images with MB WhatsApp is easy.

Instagram Story Style

MB WhatsApp iPhone allows users to show their status just like Instagram stories. It is not possible in simple WhatsApp. So it is a great feature to view your status just like Instagram stories. This feature also available on GBWhatsapp APK. This feature is now also introduced by official WhatsApp as well. But mbwhatsapp always add something new whenever new version is released. So it will be great to use IG Story status.

Fonts and Colors

Different people like different fonts and colors. Normal WhatsApp has limitations in terms of font selection and color customization. MB WhatsApp gives you many options like different font selections and color schemes. You can use the colors and fonts of your choice. This feature is very awesome because it makes the user comfortable by allowing them to experience the fonts and colors of their choice.

Advance Options

MBWhatsapp provide its users cool and advance features like theme import, high quality file send and many others than are shown below.

Theme Import Option

MB WhatsApp APK has a built-in theme import option. If you want to use your favorite theme, you can simply import it into your WhatsApp. Simply click on the import theme option from the settings and enjoy your favorite theme in your WhatsApp.

Send Large Files

It can be irritating sometimes when WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to send large files. With MB WhatsApp, you can send large files to your family, friends, and business associates. You can send 10 to 90 photos at the same time. It also allows you to send large video files.

See Deleted Messages

Like other WhatsApp mods, MB WhatsApp also provides the benefit of seeing deleted messages. This option was not available in the original WhatsApp. May be they are working on it. Seeing the deleted messages is a great fun when other person try to trick you.

Increased Status Words

Sometimes you want to add large words to your status. It is not possible with simple WhatsApp. In MB WhatsApp, you can add 139 to 250 characters.

Backup Chats

You can also backup your Whatsapp chats to MBWhatsapp with simple steps. It is a great feature for those who want to transfer their data to MBWhatsapp.

Hide Name

You can hide the name of any chat member in the iOS MBWhatsApp. It helps anyone to keep their privacy. You can also use this feature if you want to hide the name of any special person in your life from others.

Powerful Security

You will be safe when using this WhatsApp because it has built-in powerful Security tools that are updated from time to time by developers.




MBWhatsApp iOS 1.1

The MB WhatsApp APK for 2024 comes with all the latest updates of iOS WhatsApp. It will show users the same interface as on iOS devices. As updates are released for iOS WhatsApp, the developers add those updates to the MB WhatsApp for iOS. Users can simply download the latest version of MB WhatsApp to upgrade to the latest features. Bugs of MBWA 9.80, 9.98 and 1.0 are now fixed.

mbwhatsapp ios look

Download MBWhatsapp IOS APK Latest version

To download the latest version of MBWhatsApp for iOS, simply click on the download button. Make sure to turn off the option to download apps from unknown sources before installing. Once downloaded, click on install and enjoy the iOS WhatsApp interface with additional features on your Android mobile.

You can use the MBWhatsapp on IOS 16,15 and on IOS 14.

mb whatsapp download

How to Install MB WhatsApp?

  • After downloading the MB WhatsApp iOS APK, the next step is to install the app
  • To install, first allow the installation of apps from unknown developers in your phone’s settings
  • Once enabled, open the downloaded file of MB WhatsApp and click on install
  • The installation will now be completed smoothly
  • Enjoy the pro features of the modified MB WhatsApp
mb whatsapp installation map
  • In the new update of MB WhatsApp, many bug issues have been resolved.
  • New MB WA has strong anti ban features.
  • Improved features include stock emojis, and the ability to send and receive messages.
  • Improved image, and video quality.
  • You can also now know if someone has read your message.
  • Improved status for 5 minutes, improved emojis, and improved restore backup mode.

If you are already using the latest version of MB iOS, there is no need to update the app. However, if you are using an older version, you should download the latest MB WhatsApp update. Get the iOS Emojis and bold texts. MB iOS 10.0 coming soon.

Backup Whatsapp chats to MBWhatsApp

Comparison of MBWhatsapp vs Whatsapp

Status saver Whatsapp has No status saver
Send large filesCannot send large files
Not Available on Google Play StoreAvailable on Play Store
Copy Status TextCannot Copy
IOS (iPhone look)Android look
Large custom themesAvailable ❎
See Deleted MessagesCannot see deleted messages
iOS Emojis


MBWhatsapp is the modified version of WhatsApp that gives the look, function, and feels of IOS WhatsApp.

Yes, It is safe to use on android devices. There are no negative remarks about mbwhatsapp till now.

MBWhatsapp updates are the improved versions of the existing WhatsApp. It also provides new functions, iOS updates, and bug fixing. The new update of com.mbwhatsapp ios is v9.63.

To update MBWhatsapp download and install the most recent APK file.

Yes, you can use two accounts after installing the mb whatsapp.

These are the themes of the current IOS whatsapp. When you update your mbwhatsapp then you will automatically get updated ios theme versions.

Fouad MB WhatsApp is actually the IOS form of the MB whatsapp and both are the same.

MBWhatsapp APK is the downloadable file of the IOS WhatsApp, which you can use to install the app on your device.

Using any kind of whatsapp mods like MB WhatsApp and Tm WhatsApp is a little risky to use. You do not need to worry because you can use separate accounts for different WhatsApp.

Both are different in terms of functions. FMWhatsapp have different features and customizations.

You can also use MBWhatsapp on PC with useful MBWhatsapp tips and tricks.

Final Words: We hope that, after using MBWhatsApp, you will be able to customize your Android device to resemble an iPhone. If you need updates on MBWhatsApp, please check again. If you have any questions about MBWhatsApp mods, feel free to leave a comment below.

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