MBWhatsapp Top Tricks, secrets & customization 2024

If you are using MBWhatsApp and looking for tricks, secrets, and customization options, then you are in the right place. In this guide, I will show you how to change various settings in MBWA for a better user experience.

MBWhatsapp is the modified version of the whatsapp just like GBWhatsapp with additional features and customization that orignal whatsapp does not have. It is a most popular whatsapp among many users du to its unique privacy options.

MBWhatsapp Top Tricks and Customization

There are different tips of MB WhatsApp that you will be able to apply after reading this guide. First of all click on the setting option present on right side. Mbwhatsapp pro is most demanding in the market due to IOS look.

Conversation screen tips and secrets

MBWhatsapp Setting

Now click on MB preference.

MB prefernce in MB whatsapp

Now scroll down and select conversation screen.

MB WhatsApp conversational screen.

A new screen will open. Now click on Action bar. Now you can change the color of action bar by clicking on color change option. You can see two options, solid color and gradient color. Select the color of your own choice. In this way you can change color of your action bar. You can change colors again and again.

action bar options of mb whatsapp

You can also check TMWhatsapp, Fouad Whatsapp and FMWhatsapp.

Action Bar Secrets

There are following tricks you can add to your interface by opening the options.

  • You can hide contact profile picture in MBWhatsApp.
  • Another option is hide contact name.
  • Use the option of hide chat counter.
  • You can disable contact status.
  • You can also hide call button.
  • Change contact status background and text color.
  • You can also change the conversation tool bar style.

After changing and customization go to home page again and see the changes. You can do these customizable settings again and again in MBWhtasapp. You can also install MBWhatsapp on PC. If you want the updated version of MBwhatsapp then you can download it from whatsmb.

Final Words:

I hope that all MB WA tricks, settings and option may help you to feel better in your chatting and business. If you have any confusion about MB whatsapp you can comment below.

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