GBWhatsApp Update v17.70 APK Download (GBWA 2024)

If you have GBWhatsapp and want to update the gbwhatsapp apk to the latest version in 2024, don’t worry. The GB Whatsapp update apk download link is given in the article, which you can use to easily update your GBWA

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GBWhatsapp Download APK New Version

App Name GBWhatsapp
Latest version17.70
DeveloperAlex Mods, Omar (GB Mods)
Android requires4.1+
Size63 Megabyte
Last updated16 February, 2024

After downloading GB WhatsApp pro update and reading this article, your concepts related to GB WhatsApp, its features, updates, downloading, and installation process will be clear. We have also clarified some concepts related to GB WhatsApp, such as the APK file and safe methods for downloading it.

What is GBWhatsapp?

GB Whatsapp is a type of instant messenging app that offers additional features not included in the official Whatsapp. When the original Whatsapp launched on the internet, many people switched to it due to its awesome social connectivity technology. As technology advances and people move towards artificial intelligence, such as ChatGPT and, there has been an advancement in the features of Whatsapp added by third-party developers. Fouad Whatsapp is an example of whatsapp Mod that gives additional features.

Always download the GB Whatsapp APK from safe sources. If you download the GBWhatsapp update from non-trusted resources, you may end up getting malware on your device. You can share the gb whatsapp link to frinds.

GBWhatsapp APK

The GBWhatsapp APK is the downloadable file of the official GB Whatsapp. You can download the wa gb Apk file directly from the download link provided in the download button. The advantage of the gb wa apk file is that you can download the file safely on your Android device, and then install the app at any time. Just like TMWhatsapp APK, GB whatsapp is safe.

You can also share the GB Whatsapp new version APK file to your friends if they do not have the internet connection so fast to download.

What’s new in GB WA Update:

  • The new update of GB Whatsapp comes up with better functionalities.
  • Chat bubbles, group admin and schedule message features are improved.
  • Powerful Anti Ban Feature

How GB WA Evolved?

The third-party developers realized that there were some feature gaps in the Whatsapp app. So, they remodeled it and added additional features to the app, such as more privacy, customization, status, and chat options with additional themes. All of these features are now available in the Whatsapp mod app called GBWhatsapp. This is how GBWhatsapp evolved and you can install it safely from whatsmb. GB Whatsapp is not officially available on the Play Store or App Store, but it is available on third-party sites

GB Whatsapp update 17.70 (2024)

GB Whatsapp latest version update is v17.7. If you are using the old version of GBWhatsapp then you can easily update the GB Whatsapp APK by downloading latest version from the button given above. Updating to the new version of WA GB is very simple and easy. If your android device is 4.0+ then you can easily update it. Follow these steps to update GB Whatsapp.

  • Simply download GB Whatsapp update 2024 from the button.
  • Now there are new tweak styles in GB Whatsapp for chats and blue tick.
  • Now install it and it will be updated.
  • Anti Ban and proxy features are improved.
  • If you are low on space then there are also alternative options available.
  • There is also an option of updating gb WhatsApp pro latest version, which is to just click on the update notification in the Whatsapp which you see when using the gb wa app.
  • GBWA new version v26 has strong anti ban technology.
  • New update has new ios fonts.
  • GBWA 17.45 and 17.55 bugs are fixed in new update.

Download GB whatsapp latest version update

GBwhatsapp apk download latest version

You can download latest gb whatsapp whatsapp from any third party source. But you need to find a secure and safe source to download the latest app. We provide the safe, secure and updated version of all Whatsapp mods.

  • Just click on the download button.
  • Make sure you allow the installation of files from unknown resources from the phones settings.
  • After downloading the apk file click on install.
  • A smooth installation process will takes place.

Why GB whatsapp app not availabe on playstore?

The official Whatsapp is the Whatsapp messenger which is available on the playstore. Playstore only allows official apps to feature in their store. Although the fee to submit app on play store is 25$ but it do not allow modified apps like gb whatsapp pro to feature on the platform. Thats why it is not available on the playstore.

You do not need to be worry because you can get wa gb link easily from this article. Its up to you weather you use the official Whatsapp messenger app from play store or modified gb wa pro apk latest version just like FMWhatsapp apk.

Amazing Features of GBWhatsapp APK Pro

GBWhatsapp pro apk features

Anti Delete Feature

If someone does delete for everyone of any message then you can see that message again. This is called Anti Revoke feature of GBWhatsapp.

You can hide last seen

This feature is also available in official Whatsapp but with GB WA you can hide the last seen and can see other people status.

Chat Background option

GB WA Latest version provides the option to customize the background. You can customize the background easily in settings.

Send Large Images Files

Original Whatsapp allow users to send 30 images at once. While GB Whatsapp allow users to send 90+ images at once.

Broadcast Messages

You can send broadcast messages by using the gb app to almost 600 people. It is a special feature that original app lacks.

Hiding Features

You can hide privacy features like online status, status seen hide, blue ticks and typing status to remain secure in GBWA.

Message Yourself

Now you can message yourself by using the new version of GB WA. This will help you to save your notes.

Direct Translate

There is a direct translate in the message box by which you can translate the languages in the chat.

New UI Camera Tab

In the new version of the GB WA there is a new UI camera tab by which users can utlize the camera option more easily and smoothly.

Advantages of GBWhatsapp

More Settings, More customization, more privacy options, new pro features, advance themes and many more with beautiful user experience.

New, Improved and Fixed Features

Direct Translate Icon Inside Message Box

gbwhatsapp translate easily

GB WhatsApp offers a new feature that allows you to translate messages quickly and easily within the chat window. With the Direct Translate Icon, you can select the language you want to translate to with just one click.

If you need to change the translation language, you can long-click the icon to access other language options. This feature can be incredibly helpful for communicating with people who speak different languages.

Option To Disable Translate

If you don’t need or want the Direct Translate feature, GB WhatsApp also provides an option to disable it. This way, you can use WhatsApp without any automatic translations interfering with your messaging experience.

GB Whatsapp download apk latest

To turn off Direct Translate, you can find it under “Mods. Go to Conversation then Entry Style > Translate.” With this option, you can customize your messaging experience to suit your preferences.

Save Notes

gbwhatsapp save notes

Now you can save notes or reminders by messaging yourself. With the “Message Yourself” feature, you can send yourself a message with any information you need to remember, such as a to-do list, a grocery list, or any other important information.

Whatsapp GB pro is perfect for those who like to keep their notes and reminders organized and easily accessible.

Forward Media With Caption

gbwhatsapp forward message

Previously, when forwarding media files like photos or videos, the original captions were not included. However, GBWhatsApp new version now allows you to forward media with captions intact.

New Camera Tab UI

gbwhatsapp camera tab ui

GBWA has updated the user interface of the camera tab, making it easier to take and share photos and videos. The new camera UI in gb wa is designed to be more intuitive and user-friendly, with easy-to-use controls and a streamlined layout.

Post Voice Note As Status

With GB WhatsApp, you can now share your voice notes as your WhatsApp status or story. This feature allows you to add more personality and depth to your status updates, giving your friends and family members a glimpse into your daily life.

Improved Translations

GB WhatsApp has made improvements to the translations for several languages, including Arabic, Urdu, German, Turkish, Spanish, and Russian. With these improved translations, it’s now easier to communicate with people who speak different languages.

Bug Fixes and Other Improvements

gbwhatsapp bug fix

WA GB has also addressed various glitches and issues with bug fixes and other improvements.

Requirements for GB WA APK 2024

Space55.8 Megabyte
RequiredAndroid 4.0+

Advantages of GBWhatsapp

More Settings, More customization, more privacy options, new pro features, advance themes and many more with beautiful user experience.

Disadvantages of GB Whatsapp

To be fair your account can be banned from Whatsapp any time. You can get a malware attack from third party resources. So download GB WA safe latest version from reliable source.

GBWhatsapp Pro vs Whatsapp

Disable CallsNot such option ❌
Large Files Sending ✅Cannot send ❌
Auto reply feature ✅
Bulk Message Send ✅
New themes ✅No
Different Fonts ✅No
Security options ✅
Status Words (256)140
Long video StatusShort Length Video

GBWhatsapp FAQs

GB Whatsapp pro is the form of GBWhatsapp that provides additional features which are not available in the Whatsapp messenger.

If you download the GBWhatsapp APK file from a misleading resource then it may harm your device with malware. Always use GB Whatsapp from a reliable resource to save from any malware attack.

Yes, You can transfer all your data to GBWhatsapp. For this purpose you should make a backup of your chat. You should have a backup folder named Whatsapp. You will change its name to GBWhatsapp. Follow this setting to backup. Go Whatsapp and to Settings > Chats > And press Backup chats. Now install GBWA and go to file manager > Open storage (check a folder named Whatsapp). Change the folder name from Whatsapp to GBWhatsapp.

Yes, there are many GB WA APK themes are available in the market to download. You can also download gb wa themes from the settings option given in the GB app.


Download GBWhatsapp APK latest version smoothly and easily. I hope you will understand all the concepts related to GB Whatsapp. If you have any question related to GBWhatsapp you can tell us in comment section.

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