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TM Whatsapp by Titus Mukisa is another form of WhatsApp mod that you can download the latest version v8.71 (update) for android and iOS from the download button. It is basically a social messaging app that allow you to connect to the world, family and friends.

TMWhatsApp download form is APK file. The latest update of TMWhatsapp is 8.71 for android. It is little different from FMWhatsapp, NSWhatsapp, GBWhatsapp, Yowhatsapp and Aero Whatsapp.


TM Whatsapp APK is one of the fastest growing modified Whatsapp in the world like ios whatsapp and Fouad Whatsapp, which is developed by Titus Mukisa. As you know original whatsapp developed by the Facebook company but it lacks some customization that people need, like status downloader, one tick view, air plane mode etc. Tm Whatsapp provides additional features like custom chat, self mode and many other features that we will explore in this article.

TM Whatsapp APK

TM Whatsapp APK is the downloadable link (file) of the app. It allow users to easily download the file on android or iOS device. You can get the download link of TMWhatsapp in this article. The main benefit of APK file is that you can share this file with your friends and family if they do not have resources to get the file. This APK file of TM Whatsapp is not available on google playstore or app store. You have to install it manually.

Always download TM Whatsapp APK latest version file from safe source because this will safe your phone from malwares.

Titus Mukisa TM WA update Download

APK NameTM Whatsapp
RequirementsAndroid 5.0+
Package Namecom.tmwhatsapp
File Size62.3 MegaByte
DeveloperTitus Mukisa
Last Updated29 March, 2024

TM Whatsapp Update

tm whatsapp update
TMWhatsapp update
tm whatsapp bom text update
TMWhatsapp Bom Text
  • The latest update of TM Whatsapp is 8.71
  • Base Update is
  • Expiry date is extended to May 2024.
  • Now you can use pilot mode more efficiently.
  • (Added) 👍 Now you can edit messages.
  • Now you can update the TM WA after 6 months of update.
  • In the new version new Bom text feature is added.
  • Antivirus features are now improved.
  • The older version are v8.40, v8.45 and 8.50F, 8.55, 8.65 and 8.70 You can get TMWhatsApp old versions from above button.
  • Developers add different updates to the current version and improvements and bug fixation in them and release new version which is known as update.
  • TM Whatsapp comes up with new features in current update.
  • TMWhatsapp v8.72 will be released soon.

New update of TM Whatsapp has very advanced Anti Ban System. Expiry date is now extended to 2024 January. Means you can update after 6 month of new expiry.


tm whatsapp screenshots
tm whatsapp update screenshots

TM Whatsapp Latest Version Download APK

To install and download the TMWhatsapp follow these simple steps.

Download tm whatsapp apk latest updated version
  • First of all download the latest APK file from the download button given in the article.
  • Now Install the TM WA app.
  • Before installing make sure you allow installation from unknown resources.
  • Now click on install and enjoy the additional features of TM WA APK.
  • If you have low storage on your mobile device you should uninstall old version
  • Always take a backup of your chat before installing.

TMWhatsapp not Installing or Updating Solution

If your TMWhatsapp is not updating or showing some errors then follow the steps given in the picture.

updating solution

Additional Features

Freeze Last Seen

You can freeze last seen with the help of TM WA. It will help you to hide your privacy from others. This feature works in many situations and is not available in Whatsapp.

Control privacy options

Beside all other above options you can control many other privacy features in your Whatsapp like who van view contact name, profile picture and status. Like this you can also explore more privacy tricks

Schedule Messages

If you are busy and cannot reply messages at a specific time then you do not need to worry. The scheduling feature of TMWhatsapp is amazing. It will help you to schedule your messages at any time.

TM Whatsapp schedule message

Send large documents

Sending large amount of documents with original Whatsapp is not possible. With this modified app you can send large amount of documents. You can send 100 plus documents.

TM Whatsapp send documents

Send 100+ Images

You cannot send more than 30 or 40 images from whatsapp. It can be difficult if you want to send 100 pictures to your family and friends. With TM Wa you can send 100 pictures at a time.

TM Whatsapp images send

Long Video Status

Now you can set the length of your status. You can now upload status of 6+ minute with tm wa apk. It is not possible to upload large status with original problem. o this additional feature will solve your status.

Animation Effects

There are different animation effects that you can apply to your Whatsapp. This will make your user experience more smooth and you will enjoy using the app.

TM Whatsapp animation

Auto Reply

If you are a business man or a busy person than you may not able to reply your messages. With the tm wa latest version you can auto reply to your contacts.

TMWhatsapp auto reply

Unlimited Groups

Now you can make unlimited groups with tm Whatsapp. You can set different groups for each of your business strategy. It will help you to manage things smoothly in the Whatsapp. You can manage different groups and communities. Make groups and share your edited videos on tm WhatsApp by using alight motion pro mod apk

Anti Recall

You can explore the anti recall feature of this app. The anti recall feature is not available in original whatsapp.

Export Chats

You can export your chats by using this app. This will allow you to make a backup of your chat. You will not lose you important chats after exporting.

TM Whatsapp vs Whatsapp

Hide Status
Hide Blue Tick
No Encryption ❌Encryption message
Less SecureMore Secure
More ToolsLess Features
More files shareLess share ❌


Is TM Whatsapp Safe?

If you download the safe APK file then it can be safe. If you download tm wa from non trusted developers than it is not safe. Yes, using the modified Whatsapp like TMWhatsapp is little risky. But always download from trusted source like whatsmb.

What is the latest version of TM Whtsapp?

The latest version of the tm whatsapp app is 8.71

Where to download TM whatsapp?

You can download tm app from any third part website which you trust.

What is TM Whatsapp Lite?

There is no TMWhatsapp lite. The only new version of TMWhatsApp is 8.6

TMWhatsapp Changelog

Pause your last seen information in chats.

  • 1-hour video status.
  • More animation effects.
  • An improved spy feature to check friends’ activity.

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  1. Hi Titus,

    I just downloaded the new update for WhatsApp and I’m really happy with the new features! I especially like the new group messaging feature.

  2. Very good article! We are linking to this particularly great content on our
    site. Keep up the good writing.

  3. Hi Titus,

    I just downloaded the new update for WhatsApp and I’m really impressed! The new features are great and the speed is amazing. Keep up the good work!

  4. I do media’s and it has been challenging since I was not able to send more than 30 pictures, but all thanks to TMwhatsapp you are soo amazing.

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