How to Check Who Blocked You In MBWhatsapp or Whatsapp?

Have you ever been blocked by someone on social media apps like WhatsApp? Then don’t worry, MB WhatsApp ios for Android allows you to see those people who have blocked you on their WhatsApp.

The official WhatsApp does not show this feature, but MB WhatsApp gives you the luxury option to see the people who blocked you. A few years ago, you couldn’t imagine using an iOS-like social app on your Android mobile, but thanks to MB WhatsApp, that is now possible. Even this tool is not available in FM WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp. The same is the case with its mind-blowing features. Let’s see the step-by-step guide to reveal this information.

Steps to know Who Blocked you on MB WhatsApp

  1. First of all, open your MB WhatsApp APK. If you don’t have it, install it from
  2. Tap on “Settings” and go to “MB Preferences” option.
  3. Now, closely observe all the options, and you will find the setting that shows who blocked you, just below the other settings.
  4. Open this option and see the list.
  5. It will show you the list of members who blocked you on WhatsApp.
who blocked you on mbwhatsapp

After seeing the blocked feature, you will realize that these people do not want to talk to you. It will also save your time because those people are not very important to you now. Thanks to this amazing iOS app, which shows you those people in your contact list. See the top tricks of the mb whatsapp.

Frequently asked question

A: Yes, by using MB WhatsApp, you can see who blocked you on WhatsApp. However, the official WhatsApp does not provide this option.

People block others for certain reasons. Maybe they want to avoid you or they do not want to talk to you.


Now, technology is so advanced that third-party developers are adding useful features to WhatsApp. WhatsApp may also consider adding these kinds of features in the future. See more guides related to mb ios whatsapp.

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