How to update YOWhatsapp?

If you are using the YOWhatsApp APK, it is mandatory to update the app after the release of new updates from the developers. The developers release new updates after some time to improve the features of the app or modify previous features.

What is YOWhatsApp update?


As described earlier, a YOWhatsApp update is the latest modified version of YOWhatsApp. Developers release new versions multiple times a year. That’s why it’s mandatory to update the app to the latest version to enjoy the pro features.

Using the updated version of the YO Whatsapp will give you latest improved features.

Steps to Update YO Whatsapp APK?

Follow these simple steps to update the yo Whatsapp APK.

  • The easiest step is to take a backup of the YO app. After taking a backup, uninstall the app and install the latest version provided above.
  • The second method is to go to the settings and check for updates. Click on the update, and your YOWhatsApp will be updated after installing the new version.
  • There are several third-party app stores that offer YoWhatsApp like Whatsmb. If you have installed YoWhatsApp from a third-party app store, you can update it by going to the site again. Make sure to use the trusted and safe site like like
  • You can also use APK file. You just simply need to download the APK file of the yo whatsapp. Just click on the download link above and update.

The current version of YO Whatsapp is 9.63. The previous version are 9.62, 9.60 and 9.54. New version of yo Whatsapp will be released soon.

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