IOS Classic 2 Theme For YO WhatsApp & GB WhatsApp By Ethel

If you are using GB WhatsApp or Yo WhatsApp and want to change the theme to an iOS style, then you have come to the right place. As we all know, iPhones are very expensive these days, and not everyone can afford an iOS mobile. However, due to the interface and good chat experience, many people want to get the style of WhatsApp that is similar to an iPhone.

The iOS theme for GB WhatsApp is a perfect solution for people who are using an Android device. By using the Yo and GB WhatsApp iOS theme, you can easily change the style of your WhatsApp, just like an iPhone.

IOS Classic theme for gb whatsapp

You can completely change your WhatsApp to iOS style by using the MB Whatsapp. Its up to you whether you use theme or Whatsapp.

IOS Theme for GB Whatsapp and Yo Whatsapp

To use these themes just download the theme and install on your device. Here are the steps to apply the theme

  • First of all click on the download button of theme.
  • A zip file will be downloaded on your mobile device.
  • Now extract the theme file to the folder.
  • Now follow these steps to upload theme. Go to Whatsapp and click on three dots
  • Now click on GB setting.
  • Now select GB themes and click on Load Themes
  • Now select the folder and select VML file. Congrats your theme is updated now.

Whatsapp > three dots > GB setting > GB themes > Load Themes > Select folder > select VML file

Benefits of iOS theme

  • Free to use
  • Safe download file
  • You will get a better user expereince
  • Super fast and light
  • No hang and ban issue

Apply the steps and change your theme easily. You can also use the WhatsApp theme changer to change your theme. If you have any question related to the GB WhatsApp theme, just comment below.

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