Light IOS theme for GB WA and YO Whatsapp

If you are using YO WhatsApp, Aero WhatsApp, or GB WhatsApp and would like to change the theme of your WhatsApp, the Light iOS theme is an excellent option for you. The Light iPhone theme will transform your current WhatsApp into a beautiful iPhone interface.

Before using the theme update, you should update GB Whatsapp, or any other Whatsapp alternative like WhatsApp Aero. The alternative to iOS theme is MB Whatsapp APK and Fouad Whatsapp APK, which will convert your Whatsapp to iOS style on an Android phone for free.

Download Light iOS theme for YO, GB and Neon Whatsapp

Light IOS Theme For YOWhatsApp ,GB and Neon

To get the light iOS theme you need to update your current Whatsapp. You can update you Whatsapp from

  • After updating click on download button and extract the zip file to your phone.
  • The install method is same just like white iOS theme and neon black theme.
  • After installing enjoy the amazing light iOS experience on your phone.

Enjoy the amazing iOS light experience after installing the theme. If you have any query about neon theme you can comment below.

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