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GB Instagram

GB Instagram APK is a perfect solution for those who want to download and view Instagram pics, stories and videos in their android and iOS device. It offers extra functionalities, including the ability to copy comments and translations, as well as use dual accounts on the same device.

GB Instagram APK latest download file name is v5.0 which you can easily get from the button given below. GB Instagram app is also known as MOD APK version of the GB Instagram and it offers additional functions like GBWhatsapp.

GB Instagram Download Info (Official Version)

App Name GB Instagram
Latest versionv5.9
DeveloperGB Mods, Abu3rab, 3ssem
Size65 MB
Android requires5.0+
Total Downloads5,000,099+
Last updatedFebruary 2024
MOD FeatureDownload images, reels and stories.

What is GB Instagram?

Instagram GB is a modified version of the original Instagram app that provides more advanced tools that regular Instagram does not offer. In the same way, many modded copies of WhatsApp, such as FM WhatsApp and TMWhatsApp are available in the market, which offer pro features in the app. Similarly, GB Instagram also provides pro features to the users, such as the ability to download, copy, and save stories, text, comments, and reels.

GB Instagram offers more advanced functions that are not available on the official IG app. You cannot get this app from app store or google play store. You have to install it manually.

GB Instagram APK

gb instagram apk

The GB Instagram APK is a downloadable file of the Instagram app that is not available on the Google or App Store. The main reason for this is that Google Play does not support the hosting of third-party apps, which is why the APK is available for the GB Instagram app. Please keep in mind that if you are downloading the GB Instagram mod APK from a third-party site, always select a safe site like WhatsMB, which provides an easy and smooth download process for the APK file.

Another major benefit of the GB Insta APK file is that you can share it with your family and friends on any modded version of WhatsApp, such as JTWhatsApp or NSWhatsApp, or any kind of WhatsApp.

GB Instagram Latest Update (v5.5)

  • Latest GB Instagram update is v5.0.
  • The previous versions are v4.0, v1.60 and v3.5.
  • Copy comments and description feature is improved.
  • Zoom option and story view is now optimized for good user experience.
  • In app lock, bug issues is app lock and theme customization is also improved.
  • Now you can translate comments by using copy option.

GB Instagram Pro Features

GB Instagram app offers many advance features in the latest version. Lets explore all the modified and advanced functionalities if GB Insta.

gb insta features

Auto Translation option

There is an auto-translation option in GB Instagram that allows you to translate your text into different languages. This feature is a blessing for those who are engaged in a multi-language business. By using the auto-translate feature, you can easily understand any language.

translate in gb instagram

The auto-translation feature of GB Instagram is similar to the translation feature of Delta and Gold WhatsApp because all of these apps are modded versions of their original apps. In the future, the original Instagram developers may add the translation feature to it.

Copy Comments, Bio and Description

If you are using the original Instagram app, you may sometimes want to copy a comment for various reasons, such as sharing the text with someone. However, it’s not easy to copy a comment in the app. You have to manually select the text, which can be a bit of a tough process.

copy comments in gb instagram

GB Instagram allows you to select and copy the text content of the comment. Just tap on the comment, and you will see an option to copy on the top right-hand side. Just tap on that option, and your comment will be copied.

Use Dual / Multiple Insta Accounts

Usually, Instagram does not allow you to use two apps at the same time or log in to two accounts on the same phone. If you want to use both Instagram apps at the same time, then GB Instagram APK is a perfect solution for you. The multiple account feature of GB Instagram MOD is best for businesspersons who want to use many accounts.

The dual account feature is also available on Yo WhatsApp and WhatsApp Gold. Now, you can enjoy multiple Instagram and WhatsApp accounts by using these advanced modded apps.

Customized themes

themes in gb insta

There are built-in themes in GB Instagram that allow you to change the interface of the Instagram. You can use the dark mode as well as the light mode. There are many other theme options available in the settings of GB Instagram. If you are using GBWA with GB Instagram, then you can also check out the dark iPhone black theme for GBWhatsApp.

Download Media (Pics, reels, videos)

The major reason of many people using the GB Insta is the ease of access and downloads of audio, video, images and ll media files. You can easily download reels, save stories, images and videos which you like the most. After it you can share these with your friends.

Full Screen view of posts

Using the full screen mode on Instagram for Android and iOS may sometimes cause problems due to bugs. However, keeping this in mind, the developers of GBInstagram added a special feature that allows you to view pictures in full screen on your mobile device. This makes it easy for you to zoom in on any picture or read tiny texts.

Use External Players to watch Videos

external video player in gbinsta

The built-in Instagram video player does not possess all the advanced features that external video players have, such as speed increase and other tools. The Instagram app does not allow you to use external players, but GBInstagram allows you to use external players to watch videos.

Profile Image Zoom

zoon pictures gb instagram

You cannot zoom in on a profile picture if you are using the Instagram app. Sometimes, you may want to view someone’s profile picture, but due to the lack of a zoom feature, it may appear blurry and you cannot view it clearly. However, by using the zoom option in Instagram GB APK, you can zoom in on the profile picture and view it clearly. This allows you to view any picture of your choice.

Translate Comments

To translate comments on Instagram, simply click on any comment and you will see a translation option. Select the language of your choice to translate and easily understand the context of the comments.

Share Image, videos Easily and copy URL

Not only can you copy the URL of an image, but you can also share every video, image, and reel with your friends by using the share link option. Simply click on the three dots and select the share link option. Share that link with your friends and family to relive the Instagram moments.

Custom Chat Background and Headers

Just like the Fouad iOS feature, GBInstagram also provides options to change the background of chats and headers. Now you can easily customize your chat experience by selecting the background of your choice.

Mark Important Messages

If you have thousands of text messages and you want to save important messages in a separate place, you can use the Starred Message tool of GBInstagram. This allows you to mark your most important messages and easily access them at any time.

Story view Hide

hide view

The Story Hide View feature of GB Instagram is the same as that of GBWhatsApp, which allows you to take control of your privacy. You can enable this feature from the settings option to hide your view of other people’s stories.

Anti Ban and No Root Required

anti ban

GB Insta has an Anti-Ban feature, so you do not need to worry about being banned while using dual accounts. Additionally, you do not need to root your device to use this feature.

Download and Install GB Instagram APK 2023

To download the gb Instagram for android follow these simple steps.

download and install gb instagram apk latest
  • First enable the installation from unknown resources from the settings option of your phone.
  • Now click on the download link of the GBInstagram APK.
  • Download will start and it will take some seconds to 1 minute.
  • Now open the APK file and click on the install option.
  • Now after some seconds you will see the option of “installation complete”
  • In the end open the app and enjoy the Instagram pro features.

GB Instagram Vs Instagram

Download Story and photosNot Available
Hide Story View
Copy comments and Texts Cannot Copy
Translator ✔️
Full Screen Viewer ✔️
External Media Player No Such Option

Pros and Cons of GB Insta


Pros of the insta gb app is that it gives you customizable options such as copy texts, extra tools and many other easily accessible options that are not available in insta app.


One of the cons of using this app is that it is not an official app, and unofficial apps always raise security concerns about user data and privacy. You should upgrade the app regularly.


How much GB is gb instagram?

At the moment, the size of GB Insta is 65 MB (0.05 GB). However, the size of the app can vary depending on new updates, which may impact the APK file size.

What is GB Instagram pro MOD APK?

GM Instagram Pro and MOD APK are different names for GB Instagram, which is a modified version of the original Instagram app with extra tools.

What is the price of GB Instagram APK latest version?

GB Instagram APK latest version is absolutely free, you just need to download it from the safe third party source because it is not listed on play store.

Can I use GB Instagram on PC?

You cannot directly use GB Insta on PC but you need to download a good emulator like LD Player to play on the PC.

Final Words

Enjoy the exclusive and super cool features of the latest version of GB Insta on your Android device and unleash the mod power of Instagram. Share its features and files with your colleagues so that they can make their Insta life smoother. Please keep in mind to get the Insta mod GB app from a safe resource like If you have any queries related to Instagram app, feel free to comment below.

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