What is new in Fouad Whatsapp V9.60?

A few days ago Fouad WhatsApp releases a new update and launched v9.63 Fouad WhatsApp. Still, if you do not know what is new in the Fouad WhatsApp update then you are at the right article. Read on time if you want to know about Fouad WhatsApp v9.63 APK.

New Features in Fouad Whatsapp v9.63

fouad whatsapp v9.60
  • A new Backup update is added. Now your backups can be updated on daily basis (automatically)
  • New themes, fonts and emojis.
  • In the new update of Fouad WhatsApp v9.60, you can hide your view on your friend’s status.
  • You can Load custom Fonts in the new update of Fouad WA.
  • Now you can keep I hope you will now understand the new features of the messages by long pressing the messages.

Improved Features of the Fouad WhatsApp 9.63 update

  • You can send the document files smoothly with captions.
  • Many bugs of the previous version v9.54 are now fixed.
  • Improved user experience in the new Fouad WA version.
  • Exclusive features like download status and hide message read is now improved.

I hope you will now understand the new features of the Fouad Whatsapp. This article is all about the latest update of Fouad WhatsApp. You can also the MBWhatsapp official site to get ios look on your android device: Whatsmb.com

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