JTWhatsapp v10.1 APK Download (Updated Version) 2024

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JTWhatsapp app by Ji Mods is another modified version of WhatsApp that you can download, with the latest (updated) version being v10.1 APK file, which can be downloaded from the button given below. Like the official WhatsApp, JT Whatsapp has many similar functions as WhatsApp Messenger, but it also provides many other premium features that other modified versions of WhatsApp do not have.

The new update version of JT Whatsapp is 10.1. Similar to FMWhatsapp, TM Whatsapp, and Fouad Whatsapp, JTWhatsapp APK also provides professional functions such as the ability to freeze last seen, modified chats, calls, audio, and many other features that are explained in detail in the article.

JT Whatsapp Update Info by Ji Mods

NameJTWhatsapp APK
Size71 MegaByte
CategoryWhatsapp Mods
Get it onPlay Store
Last Updated12 May, 2024

JT Whatsapp App

about jt whatsapp

JTWhatsapp is a mod messaging app that offers unique features compared to GB Whatsapp and YO Whatsapp, such as the home screen, conversation screen, and enhanced security and privacy features. It was created and developed by Jim Tech and can be found online under the name Ji Mods. If you’re looking to experience new features in Whatsapp, try downloading the latest version of JTWhatsapp

JTWhatsapp app new version apk file is not available on google play. It is available on the third party sites. Always install it from the safe source

JTWhatsapp APK

The downloadable file of the JTWhatsapp is known as JT Whatsapp APK. You can simply download the latest version of JTWhatsapp in APK file format in your android device. The APK file is also used to update the JT WA. The APK file of JT Whatsapp is absolutely free and you can easily get it by clicking on the download button.

If your close ones do not have the latest version of JTWhatsapp, you can share the APK file with them through social media, Bluetooth, Zapya, or any other sharing tool. However, make sure to download JTWhatsapp from safe sources to ensure the security of your device

JT Whatsapp Update v10.1 (New Version)

If you are using the previous version of the JT Whatsapp then we recommend you to update the latest version of this app so that you can explore the latest features like secret privacy tools.

  • The latest version of JTWhatsapp is 10.1, while old versions include JT 9.75, 9.63, 9.45, 9.52, 9.60, 9.75, 9.83,9.85 and 9.98
  • 9.82 JTWhatsapp bugs are fixed and many features are improved.
  • Play status, Anti revoke features are now improved.
  • Developers have added many new features to the app, such as JT widgets, enhanced security options, and an improved backup tool. People can now send HD photos and long videos with ease.
  • The updated version of JTWhatsapp also fixes many bugs to ensure a smoother experience for users
  • JTWA 9.70 Will be released soon.

JT Whatsapp new version download link is given above. Just click on it and get the latest version to enjoy new added features by developers.

JT Whatsapp Latest Version Download APK

If you want to download updated version of JT Whatsapp on Android then follow the simple steps given below because downloading of JT WA is simple.

how to download and install jtwhatsapp apk
  • Open the JTWhatsapp post.
  • Click on the download button. You will see a notification showing “install from unknown resources.”
  • In the settings of your phone, turn on the option to allow installation from unknown resources.
  • If you are downloading for the first time, the app will be installed on your Android phone automatically.
  • If you are using an older version, click on the “update” option to update your JTWhatsapp to the latest version.
  • The JTWhatsapp app is free to download. After installation, enjoy the many features that we have explained in this article.

Advanced Features of JTWhatsapp

Lest explore all the amazing features of the JT Whatsapp. Many customization options of the JT WA are better than Whatsapp messenger and other Whatsapp mods.

Ban Protection: JT WhatsApp protects you from being banned. It has built-in anti-ban features that allow you to use WhatsApp without the fear of getting banned.

Anti-Revoke Feature: If your friend or any other user deletes a WhatsApp message, JT WhatsApp will show you the same message, even if it has been deleted from the other side.

HD Image Sending: With JT WhatsApp, you can send images in their original format or in HD quality. Sending images with original WhatsApp can cause them to blur, so sending them with JT WhatsApp is a great alternative option. GBWhatsapp also offers Image sharing.

jt whatsapp hd image share

Icons and Colors Customization: The new JT WhatsApp update offers many different options for icons and colors just like the instapro. You will enjoy using all the font, text color, and size-changing features.

jt whatsapp icons and colors customization

Hide Status: Like other WhatsApp mods, such as WhatsApp Omar and Golden WhatsApp, you can also hide your status from certain members. In a similar way, you can watch the status of your contacts without them knowing.

hide status in jt whatsapp

Double Tick Hide: You can turn on the double tick hide option in WhatsApp JT. This will allow you to read all messages in groups, communities, and friends’ chats without them knowing. You can read all the chats in groups without knowing the members.

tick hide in jt whatsapp

Security Options: JT WhatsApp’s latest updated version provides security options like pin lock, fingerprint lock, and screen lock. This will make your WhatsApp more secure. You can also make a backup of your JT WhatsApp. JT app also offers custom locks for contacts.

security in jt whatsapp

Privacy Tools: The privacy tools of JT WhatsApp APK are amazing. Options like hide status, see messages, double tick, and pin lock are all amazing privacy functions of the app. These privacy tools are also available in YO Whatsapp.

Share Bulk Images and Videos: Now you can share videos in bulk by using the latest version of JT WhatsApp for Android. This facility is not available in the original WhatsApp messenger. You can also send bulk images in ios messenger app for android.

Share Documents and Files: You can share JPG, PNG, PPT, and all other document files using WhatsApp JT. Similarly, you can also share files like text files, doc files, and PDF files with friends, companies, and colleagues. It also supports VCARD, XLSX, RTF, PPTX, and ZIP formats.

share documents

Manage Groups: You will see an option to manage groups in your WhatsApp. A similar option is also available in JT WhatsApp, but you can explore the groups with premium add-ons of the JT WhatsApp APK app.

Instagram Story Style: Now you can watch the status of your contacts while chatting with them. You can also watch their status on the chat screen. This feature of JT WhatsApp is similar to the Instagram story style, which was recently added by WhatsApp by Meta.

Different Themes: There are different theme options in the JT WhatsApp settings. You can select the theme of your own choice by going to the settings menu.

Dual WhatsApp: Many users are in doubt that they cannot use original WhatsApp and JT WhatsApp at the same time. This myth is wrong. You can use both at the same time by creating an account on a different number.

dual whatsapp jt wa

Use with Original WhatsApp: As discussed earlier, you can use original WhatsApp and JT WhatsApp on the same Android device.

Share 1 Message with 5 Users: You can share 1 message with 5 contacts at the same time, which allows you to save time while chatting.

Send 90+ Images and 2GB+ Video: By using GB WhatsApp, you can send 90+ images to your contacts. This feature is not available in the WhatsApp messenger. Similarly, you can send high GB videos to your contacts.

How to Update JT Whatsapp to new version?

update jt wa
  • JT Whatsapp APK file is not available on the google play store, so you you have to update it manually.
  • First download the new version of JTWhatsapp.
  • Now click on install and your jt wa will be updated the the newest version.
  • Before updating make sure you take a backup of JT Whatsapp same like exporting chats in Whatsapp.

We regularly provides latest updates of all Whatsapp mods. If your any Whatsapp like Whatsapp gets old, visit this site to update your JT APK WA.

JTWhatsapp vs Whatsapp

Hide online statusCannot hide ✘
Send larger filesNo such feature ✘
Disable read receiptsAvailable
Use multiple WhatsApp accounts
Use custom themes and wallpapersFew options
More Emojis, Stickers and icons.Less Emojis and icons ✘

Pros of JT Whatsapp

Every modified apps pros and cons like Whatsapp Advantages and disadvantages

  • Extra features and customization options that are not available in the official version
  • Use multiple WhatsApp accounts
  • Enhanced privacy and security features

Cons of JT Whatsapp

  • May not be Reliable.
  • May contain ads

JTWhatsapp Requirements:

RequiredAndroid 4.3+
ConnectionStable Wifi or internet
Device typeRooted and Non Rooted

JT WHtasapp FAQS

Is JT Whatsapp APK safe?

Try to download and install JT Whatsapp apk from the safe resource other wise it can cause troubles for your phone

How to use JTWhatsapp on PC?

To use whatsapp on PC install a good emulator such as LDPlayer

What is meant by JT Whatsapp Update?

JT Whatsapp update means the latest version of the app. Developers release different versions to improve the current feature and launch the updates.

What is the new version of JT Whatsapp?

v9.82 is the new version of the JTWhatsapp. 9.64, 9.65 and 9.63 are the previous versions.

Can I use JT Whatsapp on iOS (iPhone)?

Unfortunately you can only use JTWhatsapp on Android device.

What are the most prominent features of the JT Whatsapp?

Prominent features of JT Whatsapp are different colors, icons, elements, themes, increased number of status words, bulk images, files, documents sharing and privacy tools.

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